Vonage and Verizon to collaborate on advanced network APIs

Network APIs are key to Ericsson and Vonage’s strategic goal of exposing the full programmable and intelligent potential of 5G and future next-generation networks by giving developers the tools to innovate, enrich applications, and create new advanced use cases for enterprises and their customers.

Exposing the network capabilities as APIs aims to deliver benefits to ecosystem partners - developers, enterprises and communication service providers - by capitalizing on network capabilities as well as potentially creating as-yet-unknown applications that can transform how businesses engage with customers. 


Seckin Arikan, Head of Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Global Network Platform (GNP) Sales, Vonage, says: “Vonage’s collaboration with Verizon will represent another key milestone in the execution of Ericsson’s strategy to create a global network platform business by enabling the company to offer network APIs in the U.S. market.”

He adds: “With a mature platform in place, Vonage is uniquely positioned to aggregate Verizon APIs into an intuitive and consumable format that can be readily adopted by developers. Together with frontrunner operators such as Verizon, Vonage is excited to bring new, next generation network APIs to market.”